A plate of oysters – considered to be an aphrodisiac

What are Aphrodisiacs?

Aphrodisiacs are medications or substances that improve sexual performance.

The rhinoceros population of Africa has been almost wiped out because some Asians believe that rhinoceros horn powder is an aphrodisiac. This belief is unfounded. There is also no truth in the rumours that oysters, avocados or certain vitamins and proteins can increase sexual prowess.

Medical practitioners have drugs that can help men who are impotent due to age, inadequate levels of male hormone, psychological factors or performance anxiety, but there is no medication available that will increase the sexual potency or arousal of a normal sexually active man.

Those who have an inadequate diet, vitamin deficiencies, or a lack of protein may find that they are unable to perform sexually as well as they would wish, but that does not mean that greater than normal amounts of these substances will increase sexuality.

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