Child Comforters

Child Comforters - a boy with a pacifier hugs his dad and holds a plush toyHow to make children happy?

Some children develop an attachment for a particular toy or object. This may be a teddy bear or soft toy, or simply a piece of blanket, which gives the child a feeling of comfort and security. Some children only require their comforter before settling down to go to sleep; others carry it around all day.

Provided the object can be kept reasonably clean, clearly its presence is harmless, and the child should not be deprived of it. On the other hand, some parents seem to feel that their child should have a favourite teddy or some such toy, and insist on the child taking it to bed when the child seems completely disinterested. Even young children are capable of making up their own minds about what they need in the way of comforters, and parents might sometimes ask themselves whether the behaviour they are insisting on is for the child’s benefit or the parents’.

When a parent desires to reduce the child’s dependence on a comforter, repeated washing will remove all familiar smells, and reduce its desirability.

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