Detrusor Hyperactivity

What is Detrusor Hyperactivity?

A common cause of an extreme urgency to pass urine, detrusor hyperactivity is an excessive sensitivity of a muscle that forms a sac around the scrotum in the groin. A spasm of this muscle puts pressure on the bladder and reduces the control of urination by the muscles around the bladder opening into the urethra causing the affected man to suddenly and uncontrollably pass urine.

The condition can be controlled by emptying the bladder by the clock every two hours so that no extra pressure is placed on the detrusor by an expanding bladder, and by medications such as oxybutinin and propantheline.

Detrusor hyperactivity - illustrations showing when the detrusor muscle contracts the bladder normally and when the detrusor muscle contracts before the bladder is full, making it a hyperactive bladder

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