Diet – Food To Avoid To Lose Weight

Avoid These Foods

Many people are deceived by what are the good and bad foods to eat when trying to lose weight. The worst foods to eat are listed below in order starting with the worst offender.

These foods are the worst foods to consume as they are non-essential, energy dense, and nutritionally deficient.

1.Alcoholic drinks


3.Butter, lard, dripping or similar fat (used as a spread or in baking/cooking)

A red cake on a white plate with cutlery in the background

A rich, heavy red cake filled with cream. Smaller pieces of cake are better to have than large slices. Consider sharing this cake with a friend instead of eating it all yourself!



6.Coconut cream

7.Condensed milk


9.Corn chips

10.Cream (including creme fraiche)

11.Crisps (including vegetable crisps)



14.Drinking Chocolate, Milo etc.

15.Energy drinks

16.Flavoured milk/milkshakes

17.Fruit tinned in syrup

18.Fried food

19.Frozen yoghurt

20.Fruit juice (except tomato juice and unsweetened blackcurrant juice)


22.High fat crackers


A burger and hot chips on a plate

Burgers often have large amounts of sugar and salt in the bun, patty and sauce. Hot chips are fried and covered in oil

24.Hot chips

25.Ice cream




29.Muesli bars

30 Muffins

31.Nuts roasted in fat or oil



34.Popcorn with butter or oil


36.Reduced cream

37.Regular luncheon sausage

38.Regular powdered drinks

39.Regular salami

40.Regular sausages

41.Regular soft drinks

42.Fruit rollups

Blanced cherries topped with sour cream on a plate next to sugar coated waffles

Sour cream, cherry reduction and sugar coated waffles – such a large serving! Is this all for one single person? Try fresh cherries, greek yoghurt and toasted wholemeal bread, instead.

43.Sour cream

44.Sugar (added to anything including drinks, baking, cooking)


46.Syrups such as golden syrup, treacle, maple syrup

47.Toasted muesli and any other breakfast cereal with more than 15g sugar per 100g cereal

48.Whole milk

49.Yoghurt type products with more than 10g sugar per 100g yoghurt

50.Strained or sweetened fruit juice

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