Exocrine Glands

Some glands have ducts to carry their secretions to various parts of the body, and these are called exocrine glands. There are dozens of different exocrine glands, some of which include the:-

  • liver, which produces bile
  • mammary glands (breasts), which produce milk
  • sweat glands
  • sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin
  • lacrimal glands (above the outer corner of the eyes), which produce tears
  • salivary glands (produce saliva) in the mouth
  • Meibomian glands in the eyelids (lubricate eyelashes)
  • Bartholin glands in the vulva (lubricate the vagina)
  • Cowper glands in the male urethra (lubricate the urethra)
  • prostate gland (produces part of the semen)
  • apocrine glands in the armpit and groin (produce thick sweat and pheromones – sexual stimulants)
  • areola glands in the nipple (lubricate the nipple in breast feeding) and numerous other glands within the intestine and other organs of the body.

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