Genital Ulcer

Genital Ulcer

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What is Genital Ulcer?

Almost any condition that can cause an ulcer on the skin elsewhere on the body can also cause an ulcer on the genital skin. A common example is the bacterial infection of a minor skin irritation to cause impetigo (school sores).

An injury to the area is an obvious cause, but sometimes injury may be forgotten if it happens in the heat of a sexual encounter, especially if artificial aids are used to increase sexual stimulation.

Skin cancers are a possibility that should not be overlooked.

Causes of Genital Ulcers:

The most common reason for an ulcer to develop on the penis and scrotum of the male, and on the vulva and in the vagina of a woman is a venereal (sexually transmitted) disease. These include genital herpes (causes a blister which bursts to form a painful, tender, shallow ulcer), syphilis (causes a painless ulcer at the original site of infection), and rarer venereal diseases such as chancroid, donovanosis and lymphogranuloma venereum.

Behçet syndrome is a rare condition that causes eye inflammation, arthritis, genital ulceration and sometimes convulsions.

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