What is Hypospadias?

Hypospadias is a congenital developmental abnormality in which the tube carrying the urine through the penis (the urethra) fails to close properly in the foetus, and the opening is on the lower side of the penis rather than the end. Very rarely the opening may be on top of the penis (epispadias). The urethral opening can occur anywhere from the base of the penis to very near the end, depending on the severity of the abnormality. These men are more likely to develop urinary infections, must pass urine sitting down, and later in life when having sex, will ejaculate through the abnormal opening in a place that makes it difficult for their partner to fall pregnant.

Hypospadias Treatment:

An operation (Young’s operation) can be performed to correct the abnormality and place the urethral opening in the usual position at the end of the penis. The operation is completely successful in the vast majority of patients, and the man’s future sex life should be completely normal.

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