Incontinence of Faeces

Incontinence of Faeces

Incontinence Of Faeces

“How shitty can we be?”

“How to overcome loosing control on your bowl?”

Severe diarrhoea from any cause can be an obvious and embarrassing cause of incontinence of faeces (soiling), due to the massive amounts of hard to control fluid present in the lower bowel.

The inability to control the passing of faeces may be due to psychological or psychiatric conditions, particularly in the elderly. A loss of inhibitions associated with a dementia (eg. Alzheimer disease) is a common cause, while psychiatric patients may use it as an attention-seeking device.

In children, behavioural disorders or emotional stress may be responsible.

Soiling may be due to damage to the brain (eg. a stroke, cerebral palsy) or the nerves supplying the muscle ring around the anus (eg. paraplegia, fractured pelvis).

In advanced pregnancy the pressure on the lower bowel from the growing baby may make control of faeces difficult. Damage to the anus from a difficult birth may be a temporary, or very rarely a permanent, cause of faecal incontinence. Surgery can be performed to control the problem in these cases.

Any surgery to the anus, for problems as diverse as piles and cancer, may be responsible for loss of control.

A greatly dilated lower bowel (megacolon) may cause large amounts of hard faeces to collect just inside the anus, and remain for a long time, while watery faeces flows around the outside of this faecal mass in the bowel, to leak out through the anus.

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