Junk Food

Fried chips - junk food

Junk food is a term used to describe a food that is considered unhealthy – low in nutrition and high in fat or sugar.

Junk food such as fried chips, liquorice, soft drinks, tinned fruit, popcorn, sweets, cream buns, doughnuts are certainly fun foods, but they are not very nutritious or healthy. A healthy diet is one that provides all the required amounts of nutrients a body needs to stay healthy. If healthy foods are consumed most of the time, the occasional consumption of “junk” food is not harmful. Allowing the occasional less nutritious food is fine as long as it is accounted for in your entire diet. It is also important to consider that any excess consumption of one type of food could be just as detrimental to your health. Junk food and its high content of fat and sugar is only one of the considerations when making food choices.

If junk foods are totally banned, they can become even more desirable to children than if they are special treats given occasionally. It is important to get just the right balance between “good” and “bad” for both adults and children, in all things, including food.

Some foods usually referred to as junk food can be made healthier by substituting or adding healthier ingredients. For example, you can have a pizza with leaner meats, more vegetables, less cheese and a thinner base. You may oven bake chips instead of deep frying them. Healthy foods can also become classified as junk food with ingredient additions or cooking methods. A usually healthy apple can be drenched in caramel and turned into an unhealthy candy or toffee apple.

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