Life After Hysterectomy

Life after hysterectomyWhat happens to your body after a hysterectomy?

For a women with a hysterectomy, the vagina and one ovary are normally left behind. The woman is therefore able to have a normal sex life after the operation. The vagina remains the same size and the female hormones that stimulate sexual responses and maintain the normal breast shape and body hair continue to be released in adequate amounts from the remaining ovary. Once she has recovered fully from the operation, the woman and her partner should notice no significant difference in their normal sexual relationships and the woman will still be able to experience an orgasm.

Women who have the operation before their menopause will still experience the problems commonly associated with the change (menopause) later in their life. The resultant hot flushes, depression, bloating, headaches and other symptoms may need further medical treatment.

Because the uterus is responsible for producing the blood loss that occurs with monthly periods, a hysterectomy stops any further bleeding, but a woman may still experience the symptoms of premenstrual tension and sometimes detect the bodily changes associated with ovulation. This is because the remaining ovary continues to produce hormones in the normal cyclical manner, as though the uterus was still there to respond. If both ovaries are removed, the woman undergoes an instant menopause and must take hormone replacement therapy long term.

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