Living with Menopause

Living with menopauseHow to deal with menopause?

Minor symptoms of menopause can be controlled individually. Fluid tablets can help bloating and headaches, other agents can help uterine cramps and heavy bleeding. Depression can be treated with specific medications.

An obvious problem faced by a woman passing through the menopause is when to stop using contraceptives. As a rule of thumb, doctors advise that contraception should be continued for six months after the last period, or for a year if the woman is under 50. Taking the contraceptive pill may actually mask many of the menopausal symptoms and cause the periods to continue. It may be necessary to use another form of contraception to determine whether the woman has gone through the menopause.

Doctors can also perform blood tests to determine relative hormone levels and tell a woman if she is through the change of life (menopause) or not. These tests are very difficult to interpret if the woman is taking the contraceptive pill.

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