Oncotype Dx Breast Cancer Assay

What is Oncotype Dx Breast Cancer Assay?

Oncotype Dx Breast Cancer Assay is a very expensive test that analyses 21 different genes to determine the risk of cancer recurrence in women with breast cancer, and whether they would benefit from chemotherapy.

How is Oncotype Dx Breast Cancer Assay performed?

The test is performed on a biopsy or sample of tissue from a breast cancer, and is normally performed on women with newly diagnosed breast cancer that is at an early stage and in whom there is some doubt as to the benefit of chemotherapy.

The result is given as a score between 0 and 100, with results below 19 indicating that there is a very low risk of breast cancer recurrence and minimal benefit from chemotherapy. A score of 19 to 30 is a grey area where there may be limited benefit from chemotherapy in a woman who has only a small chance of cancer recurrence, while a score above 30 indicates a higher risk of recurrence and greater benefit from chemotherapy.

Oncotype Dx Breast Cancer Assay

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