Orgasm - women with head tilted back to rest on the shoulder of her partner behind herWhat is orgasm?

The female orgasm is a reflex, in the same way as a tap on the knee causes a reflex. Some people have a vigorous response to a knee tap, while others have little. Thus it is difficult to determine what is a normal and abnormal reflex or orgasm.

An orgasm is the female equivalent of the male ejaculation.

The woman feels an intense sensation of pleasure sweeping over her associated with contractions of the muscles in the vagina and uterus and tingling of the nipples. This may last for a few seconds or half a minute.

Different women require different degrees and types of stimulation to have an orgasm. Some can only achieve it by stimulation of the clitoris, while others require prolonged intercourse, while others may orgasm frequently and easily with merely breast stimulation or thinking about sex. A woman may find that one particular sex position causes orgasm more easily than other positions.

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