A baby toy lying on grass with a police tape blocking access to the baby toy to represent paedophiliaPaedophilia is a psychiatric disturbance that results in the sexual abuse of a child by adult women or most commonly by adult men. It may develop from in the paedophile  through childhood abuse by his or her parents, or other psychological traumas that may have occurred as a child.

Paedophilia is NOT more common in homosexuals, but the term pederasty is by definition a homosexual act between a man and a boy.

The condition involves mentally disturbed adults who use children to become sexually aroused to the point of orgasm. Sexual contact varies from touch, to oral sex or sexual penetration that may progress to serious injury or on the rare occasion murder.

Paedophiles generally have difficulty in establishing normal intimate relationships with adults of the opposite sex, have inadequate personalities, low self-esteem, and male paedophiles are often impotent.

Treatment of paedophilia involves prolonged counselling by a psychiatrist. Sometimes medications are given to reduce sexual desire and increase control.

If discovered, paedophiles are invariably charged in the courts, but courts are more likely to treat leniently a person who comes forward voluntarily and seeks help.

Unfortunately the long-term success of treatment is usually very poor.

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