Skin Tag

Skin TagsA skin tag (cutaneous papilloma or fibroepithelial polyp are the technical names) is a protuberant lump on the skin that has a narrow attachment to the body. They are more common in women and obese people, and appear more frequently after middle age. The cause is friction to the skin from skin folds (e.g. in armpits, under breasts, between buttocks) or rubbing of clothing (e.g. around waist or neck).

They are a small soft, rounded lump of fat surrounded by skin and connected to the body by a narrow stalk. They may be skin or brown in colour. Occasionally they are irritated, injured and bleed, or become inflamed and infected.

These harmless growths persist long term but may be surgically removed, diathermied (burnt away) or tied off at their base by a thin thread.

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