Soft Diet

There are two types of soft diet: one for people having difficulty consuming certain “hard foods” and the other for patients preparing for surgery, post-surgery or recovering from illness.

For persons having trouble swallowing or digesting foods, a soft food diet in which food is cut into smaller portions, moistening food by boiling or cooking in broths, mashing, grinding straining and pureeing will assist in consumption.

For surgery reasons, a soft diet can be utilised as a transition from a liquid diet back to solid foods. Foods for this type of diet should be soft in texture and be low in fibre.

A soft diet is sometimes used for patients with gastrointestinal infections. Common ingredients include soup, bread, eggs, dairy products, soft fruit (e.g. banana), food, nuts and whole red meat.

A soft diet can include items such as dairy products, fruits, soup and smoothies

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