Sucrose is a sugar made from one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose joined together. It is derived from sugar cane and sugar beet. It gives energy but no nutritional benefits. It is more commonly known as sugar. As many well know, it is used as a sweetener in foods and drinks.

Sucrose is produced by solidifying the syrup created from boiling sugar canes and sugar beets. Refined white sugar, as we more commonly consume, is then created by purifying and filtering raw sugar.

Sugar consumption is a concern because of the high amount contained in processed and junk foods. It is also high in kilojoules/calories. Increased consumption can lead to problems such as obesity and tooth problems. Persons with conditions like diabetes mellitus should be wary of their sugar consumption.

A small amount of sucrose may be given to infants to assist in short term pain management.

Sucrose in it's many forms - sugar cane, sugar cubes, sucrose blocks.

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