Trophic Hormones

Doctor giving Trophic hormones injection

Trophic hormones are given as:

  • injections to aid infertility;
  • to prevent miscarriages;
  • to stimulate sperm production in men;
  • to control breast pain due to hormone imbalances;
  • to start puberty in cases where it has been delayed;
  • to control some patients with asthma and arthritis.

There are a number of rarer diseases in which trophic hormones are also useful.

Commonly used trophic hormones include gonadotrophins (Humegon), human menopausal gonadotrophin and tetrocosactrin (Synacthen).

Adverse reactions are uncommon but severe when they do occur. Reactions can include nausea, headaches, peptic ulcers, fluid retention, high blood pressure, inappropriate sexual development and skin markings.

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