It is a widely known fact that water (H2O) is necessary for survival.

Here are the reasons why we need H2O in our everyday diets:

  1. To soften food and make it easy to swallow;
  2. To dissolve food and make it easy to absorb;
  3. To make blood fluid and able to circulate in the body;
  4. To carry different ions (smallest particles) into every cell;
  5. To help food residue in the bowels move down and then out;
  6. To help wash the elements unwanted by our body out in urine;
  7. To form sweat when we get hot, to regulate body temperature;
  8. To keep every part of our body soft and mobile not solid or rigid;
  9. To form gastric (stomach) juices, and other juices, secretions, hormones and enzymes
  10. Water is an essential part of every cell.

Babies have the most percentage of body water, being born at about 78%. This amount drops gradually to about 60% in adult men. Fat tissue does not have as much water as lean tissue so adult women have about 55% of their body weight in water. Bone is up to 30% water.

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